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The Plant Collection

The Plant Collection


Fresh and green

We've teamed up three houseplants that will turn the bathroom in to an oasis. The contrast of long leaved sansevieria with disc shaped pilea and short and spiky haworthia add dimension and interest to any room, but these humidity loving house plants will thrive on a bathroom windowsill especially. Suitable for bathrooms. 

In the box

This eye-catching arrangement contains the following: 

Pilea 13cm plant in ceramic, sansevieria 9cm plant in ceramic, haworthia 8.5cm plant in ceramic.

Just so you know...

The Pilea Peperomioides likes to be in moist soil, but should also dry out for 1-2 days, so water it once per week. 

Sansevieria don’t need much water – just water whenever the soil is dry. 

Haworthia, like other succulents, needs bright light and adequate moisture in the summer with relatively drier conditions in the winter. Avoid overwatering.

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