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A World's First On Waste

We’re the first florist in the world to implement a closed-loop waste system.

We’ve pioneered the first ever closed-loop circular system for florists by working with our Dutch growers. Here, our flower off-cuts are processed, milled and turned into the paper that’s wrapped around the flowers that we deliver to our customers. The next time you receive your Arena Flowers delivery, look closely and you might see small pieces of flowers in it - amazing, right? Not only does this stop off-cuts going to waste, we create the products that our own processes need and therefore drastically reduce the amount of virgin material we consume, in turn reducing our environmental impact.

While rightfully proud, we’re not content with this commitment to closing the loop and removing the waste from just one part of our supply chain. We aspire to make our entire operation circular, removing all possible risk of waste to landfill and repurposing everything possible into new products, energy, or something we’re yet to imagine.

Read more about our Green House Initiative here
We’ve salvaged 15 tonnes of green waste,
which is equivalent to 15 giraffes.

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