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Net Zero

Our ethical approach has never been a box ticking exercise or a marketing initiative, it’s at the very heart of what we do here. That’s evidenced in our commitment to striving to reduce our carbon footprint and set even more ambitious targets.
By consolidating our freight, reducing waste in our packaging solutions, buying locally wherever possible and utilising green delivery methods we’ve cut more than 1.3 million miles of transport from our supply chain - for an independent flower business that’s quite something.

It’s no secret that our flowers have to travel

We wish we could grow all of our flowers in Droitwich, but we need a little more than the surrounding fields could ever produce. To service our customers, we need to bring them in from our growing partners, and when we do, we give a lot of thought to making sure they travel as efficiently as possible. The selection of our growers is guided by their farm location (and their alignment to our ethical promises and vision) and our ability to consolidate shipments early in the supply chain, as fewer trucks and flights mean less fuel consumed and lower fuel emissions. We have also introduced further consolidation of parcel density, resulting in fewer vehicles being required to cover the same number of miles.
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Less Water, Less Impact

Flowers and plants crave water, but it’s a valuable resource and one which should never be used frivolously.

For maximum water efficiency many of our farms don’t use traditional soil planting, instead they use hydroponic systems which feed much more measured quantities of nourishing water to the plants, then recapture any run-off before recycling it with water collected from rainfall or from wetland water filtration schemes and even grey water sources. The water is cleaned up (often using very clever natural filtration systems) before being reintroduced to the growing plants through the hydroponic systems. By growing our flowers in this incredibly efficient manner we can reduce overall water consumption by 30-40% with no effect on the beauty or health of our stems.

Conserve Energy

Huge amounts of energy are required to grow some of the products found in bouquets outside of their natural season, so we just don’t do it. Instead, our expert florists work with the seasons, creating our stunning bouquets with the most seasonally abundant flowers and only introducing low impact additions when there really aren’t alternatives to be found locally - this is a constant challenge within the business as we have to provide choice and variety but cannot compromise on our commitment to sustainable sourcing.

We are able to supply some year-round favourites having established the most energy-efficient growing methods where necessary. Roses are a prime high-demand example; the majority of ours are grown in Kenya where the equatorial climate allows us to grow them with the least resource required.

We consider our energy usage at each stage of our flowers' journey, we're on a renewable energy plan and we've chosen our delivery partners carefully to ensure we're delivering more and more of your flowers and plants via Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Leading the industry at Arena Flowers HQ

We arrange and tie all of our bouquets by hand, here in the UK. Many of our staff are local enough to walk or cycle to work, and for those employees who need to drive to work, we're working on incentivising them to move to electric vehicles for their commute.

In the UK we work closely with our distribution partners and we choose them carefully. In doing so we delivered over 10,000 arrangements via EVs in 2022 and we can't wait to see this number increase in 2023.

Eliminating Pesticides

Why use chemicals when there’s a natural solution? We work with growing partners who use botanical solutions and Integrated Pest Management to look after our flowers as they grow, meaning that we can rely on other plants and natural predators to keep unwanted pests away instead of harsh, artificial, environment-harming chemicals. This is environmentally intelligent farming that combines beneficial fungus, nematodes and predators in combination to create the perfect growing conditions for our flowers. Less stressed by harsh chemicals they reward us with longer shelf-life too.

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