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Sweet Treasure and Chocolate

Sweet Treasure and Chocolate


Spring awakening

The flap of the letterbox opens. Through it, a parcel of seasonal delight is posted. The tulips inside announce that spring is inbound. The silky teardrop blooms will open into cups overflowing with joy over the coming days, bringing awe and positive energy with them.

We've paired the Sweet Treasure selection with a Chocolate and Love pomegranate bar. The cacao originates from Madagascar, and is known for its natural fruity flavour. Pomegranate is tart and together, they provide a truly tantalising flavour experience.

Our letterbox flowers make a wonderfully hassle-free and thoughtful gift, designed specially to ensure delivery through standard sized letterboxes.

In the box

This arrangement contains the following:

Mixed tulips and panicum grass.

Love and Chocolate Pomegranate bar 80g

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