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An important update to our subscriptions


Throughout the pandemic, we've worked hard to help people stay connected with loved ones and to enjoy the simple beauty of flowers as inexpensively as possible. For bouquets, that meant we chose to waive all delivery costs. For subscribers, we created a subscription service far more abundant than anything in the UK, and charged just £15 plus £5 for delivery. (As some readers may remember, this led to some hilarity when a famous florist on Channel 4 literally refused to accept the cost was £20, and told the nation that it was £45 while proclaiming it to still be great value).

We want to keep things as affordable as possible, whether you're buying a subscription, or sending a bouquet to a loved one, but as the world opens up, and costs increase, we had a couple of decisions to make:

  1. Do we still want to plant 2 trees for every single delivery?

  2. Do we still want to give £1 to great charities like Women's Aid for every single order?

  3. Do we still want to maintain free delivery for customers who chose to send flowers to loved ones

We've decided that yes, it's important to us, and to the customers who've helped us plant more than a million trees to keep up that work, and the employment that brings, and the positive impact on the world.

Yes, it's important to carry on the positive work closer to home with great organisations like Women's Aid, and to continue to pay all staff at least the Real Living Wage, and to avoid all single-use plastics, and to become carbon net zero by the end of the year.

For delivery costs we've decided the following:
Bouquets & gifts: We will continue to waive the delivery cost of all bouquets to help people stay in touch with loved ones, even when ordering for next-day delivery, up to 7pm. We think it's important to help people stay in touch, and we know from our conversations with many of you that it remains difficult to see loved ones who live further away.

Subscribers: For subscribers, we will keep our delivery charge at £5 and on the 9th of July we will be raising the price of the subscription to £20, allowing us to continue supplying more abundance than you'll find elsewhere. By doing this, we will ensure that we can continue to work together with our customers to fund carbon-reducing initiatives, support charity work, and provide the most abundant offer available.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Experience Team at: customer@arenaflowers.com.

Thank you for supporting us and the many brilliant people we're able to help.